Does Hotel Leger really have ghosts?

I know it's a little early for Halloween (that's a different show we'll be promoting soon!), but in them thar foothills where all that gold was discovered is an old, old, old hotel that might have seen it's days of drama! Was that a gold nugget somebody got shot over??  Was it an infidelity discovered in one of the upstairs rooms?  There's lots of rumors, and lots of we're going to the hills on August 4th to find out.  We've been promised BBQ, Blues, Dancing, and even a pool to dip our tootsies into, and it all starts at noon, so we don't even have to wait until the sun goes down.  Come on out, wander the halls of the hotel and see what Spoooks ya, put some of that fine BBQ in your mouth, dance it off, rest in the shade of the beautiful oak trees, and don't forget to bring $5 to support the band for working so hard, and bring another $5 to take home a Val Starr CD.  Free to kids under 12, so it's a family friendly affair!  Thanks bunches, see you in the Gold Country!  8304 Main St, Mokelumne Hill, CA   209-286-1401   Book a room if you dare!