April Fools Day Release of Big Boss Man #MeToo

April Fools Day 2018…..Val Starr releases her new single, “Big Boss Man (#MeToo)” to  blues radio.  The song is available for purchase exclusively on her website, valstarr.com.  This classic blues song was originally recorded by Jimmy Reed in 1960 and was written by Al Smith and Luther Dixon. 

“The blues were born out of stories or hardships during the times, primarily of African Americans. I chose Big Boss Man, because I wanted to take a traditional blues song that depicted the racial inequality they faced, and wrote new lyrics to make it relative to the gender inequality and sexual harassment that women are still facing today. I believe that approaching topics such as sexual harassment with a little grace and humor is a good way to diffuse tension and hopefully get the message across.” - Val Starr 

We’re proud to be part of this movement for women’s equality and hope that you join us by supporting Val’s cleverly penned version of this classic blues song.